Jewellery Care

Caring for your beautiful Ion & Pirrone jewellery with these simple tips will ensure your piece can be worn and treasured for generations to come.
How to Care for Your Gold, Diamond & Colour Gemstone Jewellery
Regular cleaning of your gold and gemstone jewellery will prevent dirt build up and maintain its incredible sparkle. Due to their hardness, gold, diamonds, rubies and sapphires can be cleaned using an ultrasonic machine unless the stones have been chemically treated. 
Mild liquid soap and a soft brush can be used to hand clean your gold jewellery. We recommend cleaning your pieces in a bowl, so if any stones happen to become loose they will be easy to locate. Once cleaned, rinse your jewellery with clean water and allow it to air dry on a soft cloth.
How to Care for Your Silver Jewellery
Over time sterling silver jewellery pieces can become tarnished, which is easily addressed by buffing the surface gently with a soft cloth. Silver dip or polish may be used for a deeper clean.
How to Care for Your Pearl Jewellery
One of the most beneficial ways to care for your pearl jewellery is to simply wear it, as the natural oils from your skin will help to keep the pearl in exquisite condition. It is important to put your perfume on before wearing your pearls to avoid residue being left on their surface. In addition, we advise cleaning your pearl gently with a soft cloth every time you take the piece off.
Pearls are best stored in their own soft cloth pouch or compartment away from other jewellery as to avoid scratches and damage, as with all quality jewellery pieces.
Things to Avoid
Whether your jewellery designs feature gold, silver, diamonds, colour gemstones or pearls, it is vital to keep these pieces away from household cleaners and any harsh chemicals such as chlorinated water. We would always advise removing your jewellery before extreme activities and sports to keep it in its pristine condition.
If you have any further questions about caring for your jewellery pieces, simply contact the team at Ion & Pirrone.