PEARL – Nature’s Gift from the Sea

Pearls are organic and formed by living organisms, most commonly oysters and mussels. This precious beauty from mother nature is often classified as a gemstone although it is not a mineral.

Pearl jewellery brings out the elegance, class and glow from their wearer. They are loved for their lustrous shine and purity as it is one of the most natural gems. They are beautiful as they are.

A pearl is formed over months and years of nurturing within a mollusc’s soft tissue by the secretion called nacre – the substance which gives pearls their lustre and iridescence. Layers and layers of nacre is used to produce a pearl, so the bigger the pearl, the longer it will take to form and therefore more precious. The majority of pearls we see nowadays are cultured pearls because natural or wild pearls are very scarce and usually attached with extreme price tags.

There are several factors to consider when making a selection for pearls. Size, shape, colour, lustre, surface and matching. Apart from the appearance and quality of the pearl, people often want to consider what type of pearl they prefer. South Sea pearls and Akoya pearls are grown in oysters and freshwater pearls from mussels.

The highly sought white South Sea Pearls are cultured in the seas of Western Australia, Northern Australia and South-East Asian countries. These prestigious pearls are only harvested when they are over 9mm so they are most prized for their large size, luminosity and high lustre. The very rare and precious Golden South Sea pearls have a deep, rich and velvety lustre with beautiful iridescence.

Tahitian Black pearls, another rare and loved pearl that is favoured for their incredible colours. Their colours range from exotic deep black to the eye-catching rainbow peacock colours.

Akoya pearls are well-known as the perfectly round pearls with a brilliant lustre and shine and usually smaller in size compared to South Sea pearls. They range from 5mm to 11mm with 10mm to 11mm being very rare. The beautiful rose, green or silver overtones, excellent lustre, round shape of Akoya pearls make them highly desirable.

Freshwater pearls are the most diverse with the widest range of sizes, shapes and colours to choose from. These lustrous pearls are popular amongst buyers as even large pearls with appealing lustre and colour are available at a moderate price. 

Any pearl jewellery piece will become a beloved, elegant and classic item in your jewellery collection. This exceptional gift from the beautiful seas of mother nature is bound to capture hearts and glow with the wearer.