Tanzanite Rings Sydney

Tanzanite is a relatively new stone that is only found in one place on Earth, Tanzania. This amazing gem has colours ranging from deep ultramarine midnight blue to light violet blue. It has a reading of 6.5 to 7 on Moh’s hardness scale and a loved gem for pendants and often used as the centre stone of rings.

Tanzanite has become a highly sought stone in the recent decades coming in close position to the big four gemstones diamond, ruby, sapphire and emerald. The grading is also based on carat, colour, clarity and cut. The transparency, high clarity, colours of vivid blues, violets and purples gave tanzanite instant popularity after it was discovered in 1967.

Due to the splendid vivid blues that can be found in Tanzanite, at some stage, it was considered a great substitute for blue sapphire but shortly it made its mark when it was known for the ability of kaleidoscopic magnificence in reflecting different shades of blues and violets depending on the angle. The purple and violet hues in tanzanite have become highly sought when collector and enthusiasts became more familiar with the beauty of this new discovered stone.

Engagement rings are the Gift of Eternal and Everlasting Love. Express your eternal love and commitment with a one of a kind engagement ring. “One of a kind” because it is the gift presented to her by the one and only love of her life. Each and every love story is unique and precious. This major milestone of your enchanting life journey, marking the creation of two loving individuals, is a divine moment to be captured and pronounced by your everlasting engagement ring. Ever since the demand for blue sapphire halo engagement rings after Princess Diana was gifted a stunning one for her engagement, those who wanted to reproduce the same elegance and classic blue stone in their ring have opted for this rare gem tanzanite.

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