Sapphire Rings in Sydney’s CBD

Sapphire Rings in Sydney's CBD


Sapphires are the most loved precious coloured gemstone; Being from the corundum variety of mineral with a hardness of 9 of Mohs scale, it is the only gem second to diamonds. However, a very rare high-grade sapphire can out value diamonds on occasions. The hardness of sapphires is one major reason for why it is popular in jewellery pieces as it is very durable and therefore strong enough to withhold and be suitable for daily wear.

Blue sapphires are the most well-known sapphire and are sought out for their pristine lighter shades or majestic, deep and velvety tones. Nowadays, blue sapphire gemstones are admired for not only the colour; The promise of honesty and purity that it portrays, along with expression of sophistication and wisdom of the wearer is equally significant. It is also the birthstone for September and commonly presented as anniversary gifts.

The symbolism that is associated with sapphires is diverse and can differ according to the era and culture. The long-lived tradition behind this precious gemstone is that it symbolises nobility, wisdom, trust and faithfulness. It is a stone highly respected and popular amongst the royalty worldwide.

Blue is the most popular colour for sapphires. What many don’t realise is that there is a wide range of fancy colours in the corundum family; Pink, purple, blue, green, yellow, white or colourless and padparadscha. Sapphires cover every colour except red because when this gem is found in medium to very dark red tones, it is classified as ruby.  

Blue sapphires are most adored on halo setting of rings, pendants or earrings as the surrounding diamonds complement and glisten with the blue gem. The stone itself, like diamonds, can be cut into any shape. The highly sought blue sapphire ring for engagement is the oval cut in a halo setting. Vintage designs are also very popular since it is an adored stone by the royal families in many different cultures. 

Eternity rings are also a popular jewellery piece that showcases the beauty of sapphire with diamonds. Regal blue sapphires or noble rubies with diamonds on the eternity ring for your beloved is a wonderful gift for engagements, weddings or anniversaries, and any occasions where celebrations are called for. The beauty, durability and rarity makes sapphire one of the topmost admired colour gemstones in today’s jewellery world.

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