Elegant Freshwater Pearl Necklaces in Sydney

Elegant Freshwater Pearl Necklaces in Sydney

Freshwater pearls are an affordable selection of jewellery that expresses the same finesse and luxury as some of most beautiful pearls available. Ideal for complementing wedding dresses or creating a priceless heirloom gift, Ion & Pirrone boasts the most elegant freshwater pearl necklaces in Sydney. 

Freshwater pearls can achieve many of the same shades of colour as ocean water pearls, and exhibit a similar appearance to the renowned and extravagant Akoya pearls. It is challenging to discern the difference between ocean water and freshwater pearls, making them an ideal choice when opting for the highest of beauties whilst still constrained by a strict budget.

The farming process is far easier than ocean water pearls, which is why freshwater are economical. On a necklace, though, it doesn’t particularly matter what type of pearls are used, as long as the colour is uniform and the setting is performed correctly.

Freshwater pearls naturally come in pale pastel colours such as white, pink and orange. Other colours can be achieved through variety treatments after harvesting the pearls. When deciding on pearl jewellery, it is important to choose a necklace that will complement the wearer’s complexion and regular wardrobe choices.

Traditionally pearls are said to symbolise wisdom and experience, although they have also been attributed the traits of loyalty, purity, generosity and integrity, as well as with strengthening relationships. This makes pearls ideal for wedding ceremonies due to their natural colour hue and the values they embody.

Freshwater pearls are the most diverse with the widest range of sizes, shapes and colours to choose from. These lustrous pearls are popular amongst buyers as even large pearls with amazing lustre and colour are easily sought.  A pearl jewellery piece will become a beloved, elegant and classic item in your jewellery collection. This exceptional gift from the beautiful seas of mother nature is bound to capture your heart and glow with the wearer. 

It is often problematic for customers to find freshwater pearl necklaces in Sydney due to the inconsistency of colours among pearls. However, Ion & Pirrone prides itself in the finest freshwater pearl necklaces available in Sydney, with our beautiful and consistent pearl jewellery always available on display. Our qualified in-store gemmologists will be able to assist you in discovering the perfect pearl jewellery that matches your preferences.