Diamond Cocktail Rings

Diamond Cocktail Rings 

Cocktail rings are designed to express extravagance and boldness, expressing culture and social lifestyle. These rings have translated into contemporary fashion due to their over the top nature. Ion & Pirrone boasts a wide selection of fine diamond cocktail rings of high quality and luxury.

The cocktail ring has been in fashion since the 1920’s during America’s prohibition where the commercial sale of alcohol was banned. The ring acted as a form of uprising against this prohibition and soon became a flamboyant accessory to wear whilst socialising. The light colour of the diamond was a popular choice that radiated against the glasses of alcohol.

There are no criteria or restrictions when crafting a cocktail ring. They were designed to test creative boundaries. However, it was common for a typical cocktail ring to possess a large center stone that was at least 3 carats. The size of this center stone and the ring was used to draw attention of onlookers through its reflecting light. Diamonds are renowned as the best jewel for this reflecting light, as their light colour allows them to glitter rather than simply shine. The grandeur of a cocktail ring is only limited by the amount a wearer would like to invest into the gems involved.

Contemporarily, diamond cocktail rings are still more than ever a statement piece. They are the definition of finesse and elegance in a woman, and are the ideal ring for socialising. You will find the personality of the wearer reflected closely in the cocktail ring they choose, and is often considered a crucial fashion accessory.

Ion & Pirrone hosts a wide selection of diamond cocktail rings from a range of sizes and history that are always available on display. These rings can be adjusted to accommodate the personal preferences of clients. Our qualified gemmologists will incorporate any suggestions you may have, whilst also assisting with creative advice to craft the perfect ring for you.